Tips and Tricks to Solve Bar Graph Questions

If you are interested in the statistics module, then there is one module of bar line graph questions. If you read textbook chapters only, there are plenty of questions related to it. For some students solving the percentage bar graph or relevant bar graphs question is not a daunting task. However, still there is a huge portion of students who face challenges in solving such modules.

For them, we can only suggest that you get good guidance and solve questions. For you bright minds, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to solve DI (Data Interpretation) questions. Keep reading this post to know what they actually are.

How to Solve Bar Graph Questions?

Tips and Tricks to Solve Bar Graph Questions

Evaluating the bar length

If you are facing challenges to determine the exact value of the bar graph, we recommend checking the bar length first. This evaluation part is very crucial which you do not have to ignore. Once you are done with that, the solving part will not be time-consuming. It has been observed that many students get confused during exams and land up solving inappropriate solutions that deduct their marks.

It is an easy shortcut to tackle the problem by checking the bar length. But if you closely observe every bar graph, it will help you determine an accurate value. If your objective is to interpret the data to derive the accurate value and the good thing about this tip is it will not deduct your marks.

Keep your attention

You might think that solving the bar graph question will be a cakewalk for you but a serious attention on x-axis and y-axis is required from the student’s end. So, scan your heads and get well-versed in fundamentals. Make sure you have the habit of solving as many questions as you get. Important formulas are important with a right solving approach that are related to bar graphs.

While solving questions, try to develop a good relationship between both axes to determine the accurate value. You need to have the visualization power to calculate the bar length. And this attribute you can only gain by regular practice. From your textbooks to sample question papers, try solving as many questions as you can. Solving massive figures provided in the horizontal bar graph is not a challenging part but you need to develop a good relationship between axes to come up with the right solution.

One calculation for many solutions

Undoubtedly, the calculation part which you did for the particular question was a challenging part. And you have got the right answer too. But do you think this effort will go in vain? Do not think so because the derived solution may help in different questions only. We know that you have the shorter attention span and this practice will help you tackle different questions. In simpler words, you do not need to calculate for the same.

Just pick the answer and put it into the formula where it is required. To make this concept easier for you we share one example of electric car questions. A question entails different bar graphs of different brands. Each brand bar graph has one value. So, if you need to calculate the total sales, calculate all bar graph values. In addition, if the question is about difference in sales, utilize the derived value and deduct from the given value in the question.

Key Takeaways

Data Interpretation is an important module for several competitive exams. But there is a requirement of fundamental concepts and regular practice. You require a good tone of writing and understanding power to evaluate bar graphs. And this guide will help you out in doing the same.

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