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Pratham Singh in English Grammar
I want to know the definition of distributive adjective.

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Deva yadav

definition of Distributive Adjective

An Adjective used to refer to each and every person ,thing separately is called Distributive Adjective. 


 Each, Every, either, neither, any, one, both

1. Either you buy it or you don’t.

2. My mother isn’t a teacher. Neither am I.

3. Each girl must bring her own bag.

4. Each participant was asked to complete a survey.

5. Each of her friends is angry.

6. Can you buy this one?

7. Does your father have any money left?

8. Both of them are in the house.

9. Each of us drink about 2 liters of water a day.

10. My mother watches TV every day.

11. I don’t know either of them.

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