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Pratham Singh in English Grammar
I want to know the definition of distributive pronoun

1 Answer

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Deva yadav


Distributive pronoun can be defined as “A distributive pronoun considers members of a group separately, rather than collectively. They include each, any, either, neither and others.”


  • Each of the students have participated in the drama act.
  • I may buy either of these two gifts.
  • Neither of them plays well.
  • Each one of you will be awarded with bravery award.
  • Everyone must finish the breakfast.
  • Either of you can help me in this matter.
  • Neither of you has qualified this exam to go ahead.
  • Each of the parents should take care of their children.
  • Either of you may answer the questions asked by me.
  • Neither of the answer given by you is correct.
  • Any of you can join the program as a leader of the team.
  • None of our friends went to the Christmas party.

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