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Indane LPG Gas Cylinder: What is the procedure to maintain the quality of cylinders?

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LPG Cylinders are manufactured as per BIS 3196 through manufacturers approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur (CCOE) and having BIS license.

Each and every new LPG cylinder is checked at various manufacturing stages and marked by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) after various tests carried out as per the BIS codes and Gas Cylinder Rules, 2004, before putting them into circulation by the Public Sector Oil Companies.

Thereafter, each LPG cylinder is checked at the LPG Bottling plants and only the ones which are meeting the Standards as specified in the Gas Cylinder Rules are filled, checked and sent to the Distributors for distribution to the customers.

All new LPG cylinders are required to be put to first Statutory Testing after 10 years. Thereafter, the cylinders are put to statutory testing every 5 years.

Such testing of LPG cylinders is done through agencies approved by CCOE as specified in The Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 and once again put into circulation only if the cylinders pass the required Pressure Tests.