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What are the uses of LPG? What is LPG user? Why is domestic fuel known as LPG?

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Mohit Yadav
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LPG is one of the safest, economical, eco friendly healthy cooking fuels for all. LPG is being used a cooking fuel's in most urban and semi urban household's. The rural population is also increasingly using it.

Besides domestic usage, LPG is often used as an efficient source of energy in various industrial and commercial applications. Some of the important areas where LPG is used extensively are:

Usage Sector Applications

Metal cutting Provides stable high temperature required for the purpose. Also provides clean cuts.

Kiln and Furnaces Used In incinerators, crematoriums, ceramic and brick kilns, For heat treatment etc.

Process Industries Extensively used in Glass, automobile and textile industries for glass blowing, paint drying/ surface coating and singing activities. Also used by Electronics industry involved in TV picture tube manufacturing etc.

Fabrication Used for providing homogeneous temperature bath required for melting operations with lead, sulphur and carbon free burning ensuring high quality of production specification

Poultry Used for used in Poultry rearing with accurate temperature controls

Aerosol Used as an propellant in aerosol cartridges

Industrial processing Used for instant and controlled drying processes right from curing of fibre glass to tea leaves drying and dry roasting of nuts

Radiant Heating Used for heating purposes both in homes and industrial and commercial complexes

Generators Used as a clean eco friendly fuel for running the generators even in the closed premises

Hotels and Cook Houses Used for all possible cooking skills from boiling, stewing, simmering, baking, grilling and roasting to braising.