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How much gas is in a commercial cylinder? India 14.2kg Gas Cylinders Tare Weight & Full Weight, The tare weight will vary from cylinder to cylinder, as the result of manufacturing variances.

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Mohit Yadav
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While a domestic cylinder is available at around Rs296 for a 14.2kg container, a commercial cylinder is priced at Rs775. 30 for a 19kg container in Delhi. That puts the per kg price of domestic gas at less than half the price of commercial gas. ... The balance 4.18 lakh cylinders are non-domestic LPG cylinders.
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Why LPG is not used for gas cutting?

Welding Yes No The low flame temperature and high water combustion process makes LPG unsuitable for gas welding. Flame gouging Yes Yes The preferred fuel gas for flame gouging is Acetylene because of its high flame temperature and higher heat in the primary flame.

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Can I use commercial cylinder at home?

Gas cylinders meant for domestic use attract no taxes at present while commercial users have to pay a basic customs duty of 5 per cent, additional customs duty of 8 per cent and a central excise duty of 8 per cent.