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What are the options available for me as a preferred time customer of Indane LPG Gas Cylinder?

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You can make your choice from any of the following three options:Preferred Time Customer: You can prefer a time on any day starting from Monday upto Friday. Such a choice indicate that you are ready to accept the cylinder on any day from Monday to Friday on the fixed time slot specified above. If you miss the delivery , distributor will deliver on the next day same time.Preferred Day and Time Customer: You can also make a choice of selecting a day in addition to time. Which means you are is ready to accept only on the specified day and time. Even if you miss the day and time next delivery will be next week same day and time.Saturday/Sunday Preferred Customer:You can prefer either Saturday or Sunday any time indicating that you are ready to accept the cylinder either on Saturday or Sunday as per the preference any time from 8AM to 6PM.

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