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How do I get a new connection for non-domestic, i.e. commercial/industrial (19 kg cylinder) use?

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In case you intend to have LPG supplies for commercial or Industrial use, you can avail Indane connection in 19 kg or 47.5 kg capacity cylinders. Non-Domestic connections are released at following security deposit rates: -

1) 19 kg Cylinder with SC valve Rs. 1700/- per cylinder.

2) 19 kg Cylinder Rs with LOT valve 3200/- per cylinder.�

3) 47.5 kg Cylinder with SC valve Rs. 4300/- per cylinder.

4) 47.5 kg Cylinder with LOT valve Rs. 5800/- per cylinder.

5) 5 kg NDNE Cylinder with SC valve Rs. 350/- per cylinder.

6) Pressure Regulator (PR) Rs. 150 per PR ( for North East Rs .100).

As per the rules laid down by Department of Explosives, LPG can be stored up to 100 Kgs without an explosive license in unconnected cylinders. Hence, in case your requirement is up to 100 Kgs you can have a gas connection from your nearest Indane dealer for your industrial / commercial usage.�

However, in case your LPG requirement for industrial/ commercial usage warrants higher storage of LPG, you will be required to install a manifold where all the cylinders are to be kept connected for supplying LPG to the end usage area through a network of LPG pipelines. The design, installation, testing and operation of such LPG installations should confirm to IS: 6044 (Part 1-2000). Such industrial / commercial connections, requiring LPG manifold installations are normally released after a safety audit by the IndianOil officer for the benefit of the consumer.

For all necessary technical help and release of connection you can contact nearest Indane Area Office in this matter.

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