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What is bulk gas? How can I get commercial LPG connection? How much gas is in a commercial cylinder?

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Mohit Yadav
In case you require bulk LPG for your industrial/ commercial uses, you may contact the nearest Indane Area Office for necessary assistance.
Mohit Yadav
How much gas is in a commercial cylinder?
India 14.2kg Gas Cylinders Tare Weight & Full Weight
The tare weight will vary from cylinder to cylinder, as the result of manufacturing variances.
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What is bulk gas?

Bulk Gas is a way of using LPG where it is transported to the consumer via trucks or tanks and is stored by the consumer in tanks. Bulk Gas is a common way of using LPG products.

Details of cost of New Connection with Double Bottle Cylinder (DBC) (two cylinders and one regulator) along with cost of LPG is given below: Fixed Cost: Refundable Deposit for Two Cylinders @ Rs. 1450/ - each = Rs. ... Cost of Two Refills - Present price according to your area as applicable.

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