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Pooja in Difference
difference between a teacher and a mentor: A teacher is someone who provides knowledge, lessons, rules and information.

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Hindi Tutor
A teacher is someone who provides knowledge, lessons, rules and information. Teachers are people who influence you in ways that can only be obtained from knowledge, books and memorization and the like.

A mentor is someone who provides those life lessons from experience, guides you with each step and sees you through no matter what. For example, my husband was a pilot. He was also a flight instructor. He sat with pilots, gave them flight instruction, classroom instruction and book instruction. He was a teacher.

Now, in his spare time, he was a mentor to two boys who had lost their father. He gave them their own tool boxes, fishing gear. He took them fishing, taught them how to use a saw, electric tools, everything from hammering to measuring.
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eachers have more formal part of educating their students. They have their prescribed subjects and syllabus. Eventhough good teachers go beyond that and provide mentoring and guidance too. Mentors do provide knowledge, guidance, psychological support to the mentee. Their knowledge sharing is a bit more informal. In addition to professional knowledge, mentors do provide life skills to the mentee. Teacher- student relation is bit formal, whereas mentor- mentee relation is more informal. Like a good father is a bit of mother too and vice- versa. Same way a good teacher is a bit of mentor and vice- versa.