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Pratham Singh in English Grammar
I want to know the definition of  Preposition.

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Deva yadav

A preposition is a word which is placed before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to some other word in a sentence.


In, on, at, with, by, from, to, into, off, out, till, for, up.

Types of preposition

1. Simple preposition.

2. Compound preposition.

3. Phrase preposition.

  • Simple preposition

Simple prepositions are words like atforinoffonover, and under. These common prepositions can be used to describe a location, time or place.


in, on, at, to, from, with by.

1. She was hiding under the table.

2. The cat jumped off the counter.

3. He drove over the bridge.

4. She lost her ring at the beach.

5. The book belongs to Anthony.

6. They were sitting by the tree.

7. We are running in the gym today.

8. The sun is above the clouds.

  • Compound preposition

Compound prepositions (or complex prepositions) consist of two or more words, usually a simple preposition and another word, to convey location.


 In addition to, on behalf of, in the middle of, About, across, among, between, beside, before

1. I attended the meeting on behalf of my company.

2. We were in the middle of the storm.

3. He has gym class in addition to his regular classes today.

4. He picked up the penny from beneath the couch.

5. Aside from singing, she also plays the piano at the bar.

6. My car is parked in front of the mailbox.

7. The weather will be good this weekend according to Tom.

  • Phrase preposition

Phrase prepositions include a preposition, an object, and the object's modifier.


 on time, at home, before class,  on the floor, according to, in spite of, in under to, due to, by means of.

1. I will get to the conference on time.

2. The baseball game was canceled after the heavy rain.

3. John found his homework under the bed.

4. The children loved the gifts from their grandparents.

5. He succeeded with a little help.

6.We met to discuss the project before class.

7. She left muddy footprints on the clean floor.

8. According to his wishes, his funeral will be private.

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