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Pratham Singh in English Grammar
I want to know the definition of verb.

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Deva yadav


A verb is a word which denotes an action of a person, place or thing.


  1. Mark eats his dinner quickly.
  2. We went to the market.
  3. You write neatly in your notebook.
  4. They thought about all the prizes in the competition.

Types of Verb

1. Transitive Verb

2. Intransitive Verb

3. Linking Verb

4. Auxiliary verb

  • Transitive verb

A Transitive verb is a verb that denotes an action which passes over from the door or subject to an object.


1. The player hit the ball.

2. She writes a letter.

3.The farmer waters the plants.

4. The girl eats a mango.

  • Intransitive verb

An Intransitive verb is a verb that denotes an action which 

dose not pass over to an object or which expresses a state or being.


1. I sat down.

2. She is weeping.

3. I read.

4. they play.

  • Linking Verb

The definition of a linking verb is a grammar term for a verb that connects a subject with a noun or adjective that is the subject.


act, become, feel, appear, seem, grow, taste, sound, smell.

1. The eggs smell rotten.

2. He went red after tripping on the rug.

3. Your plans for the wedding sound nice.

4. You look exhausted after studying all night.

5.I am putty in his hands.

6.Maria might have been more forthcoming with the news.

7. Tom acted nervous when the teacher found the note.

8. The audience fell silent when the conductor walked on stage.

9. Dreams come true when we believe in them.

  • Auxiliary Verb

A verb (such as havebemaydoshallwillcan, or must) that is used with another verb to show the verb's tense, to form a question, etc.


1. Does Sam write all his own reports?

2. The secretaries haven’t written all the letters yet.

3. Terry is writing an e-mail to a client at the moment.

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