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Pratham Singh in English Grammar
I want to know the definition of noun.

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Deva yadav

Definition of Noun

A noun is the name of person, place, thing and animals is called noun.


Taj Mahal, table, car, cat

Look at the following sentences

  1. Ashok was a wise king
  2. We saw tigers in the zoo
  3. I like mango juice
  4. My friends loves reading books

Types of Noun

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Common Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Material Noun
  5. Abstract Noun   

1. Proper Noun

Name of a person, place or thing is called proper noun


Ram ( name of person)

Kanpur (name of a person) 

Pen (name of a things) 

2. Common noun

Class of person, place or things is called common noun


Mobile, Boy, Toy, Girl, Man, City

3. Collective Noun

Group of creatures, places, or things is collective noun


People (group of person)

Crowd (group of person)

Team (group of players)

4. Material noun

Material Noun denotes the name of a material is called material noun


Gold, Silver, Copper

5. Abstract Noun

We can not see, touch, hear, or taste these nouns


Honesty, sad, hate, time, feelings

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