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Nadira in English Grammar
how to, speak, correct, english grammar, How to speak correct English grammar?

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Anyone can speak English. There are a few tips that you should know before starting to learn how to speak English fluently.

Study correct material

This is really very important. I am not saying go crazy over grammar or rules. Start with basic grammar like tenses and sentence formation and just study from a reliable source. Learn only 10 words everyday to build up your vocab and remember only cramming the words and their meaning won’t be enough, you should know their correct usage too.

So, while learning new words use a reliable dictionary like Oxford or Cambridge dictionary and focus on the sentences given as examples in the dictionary.

Use the language

You will notice that many people who are good English speakers went to an English medium school. The reason that they are able to speak English is that they had an environment in which they were always around English speaking people. Any language is all about practising.

For this, firstly listen to the language as much as you can. Start reading books and novels that you find interesting. But don’t just stop at reading and listening.

The reason many people can read and understand is because that's all they practice. But in order to speak English fluently, you need to practice speaking. Don't stop at the listening portion, and when you study, don't just listen. Speak out loud the material you are listening to and practice what you hear.

Practice speaking out loud until your mouth and brain can do it without any effort. By doing so, you will be able to speak English fluently.

Many people complain that they can’t find anyone to practice the language with. Stop complaining! You don’t need to find someone to practice speaking with you, you yourself are enough.

Sure, it’s great if you have anyone you can speak English with but even if u don’t; it’s just fine.

You can have a conversation with yourself in front of the mirror

This is what i call “The mirror technique”.Just pretend you are taking an interview and you only are the one giving an interview. Just start speaking. This will help you climb the very important ladder on your way of moving ahead as a fluent English speaker i.e overcoming hesitation and having more confidence.

You can watch your favourite English movie

You can watch your favourite English movie and just choose a scene (a dialogue scene ofcourse\U0001f602) that you like the most. Write down the script of that scene in your notebook and practise speaking it a few times.

Now, watch that scene again while simultaneously speaking the dialogue with it. This will help you improve your accent and give you confidence again.

The last and very important piece of advice

do not translate. What people normally do is they think of a sentence in their mother tongue first and then translate it into English. It’s a big NO. This will never let you become fluent in English. Start thinking in English so that there is no time gap between thinking a sentence and actually speaking it in English.

For this just do a 10 min excercise daily. At your home, just pick any topic related to the thing that is in front of you, for e.g: books, couch, laptop etc and think 15–20 points about it in English and then speak those lines out loud.

If you follow the above tips sincerely for just a month, you’ll see the difference yourself.