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Pooja in Web Hosting
Why is Hostinger Web hosting so cheap? Is Hostinger shared web hosting good in India in 2020?

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Hostinger plans are cheap because of their custom hPanel and they don't provide some features like SSL in their packages. You can host up to 100 websites and 100GB traffic and customer support are a bit slow.

Hosting companies which use cPanel need to pay some amount to Cpanel every year but hostinger doesn't require this.

But overall for every beginner hostinger is the best hosting at very cheap price but also they provide good service. In my test, hostinger performs up to 99.99% uptime and best server response time in my test. Check images below.Response time and Uptime of Hostinger

  • Response time and Uptime of Hostinger

Get Hostinger without any doubt if you have any issues, you can claim a full refund without any questions.

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Hostinger is cheap if you consider their basic plan only. Just check their higher pricing plans and compare their features. You can easily understand that the basic Hostinger plan comes with very few features. Just paying a low fee is not a good thing when you buy hosting.

You must check for the basic features like SSL certificates, traffic limits, disk space, security, backup, and fast loading servers. If you get all these features then definitely you have to pay little more. So, don’t just get away with so low-cost price hosting plans. If you are serious about choosing the best Hosting, then here are my recommendations.

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