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Pooja in Web Hosting
How many unique visitors can DigitalOcean's $10 plan handle per day on WordPress? Is DigitalOcean a good host for Wordpress? What is your review of DigitalOcean? What notable sites are running on DigitalOcean?

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No you need more ram then 512MBs If you get 10,000 visitors on average a day evening with most powerful optimizations Varnish Nginx Redis HHVM you must be prepared for a lot more traffic at any time including. Fact that your site will get attacked the DDOS attacks if you want a site that is going to actually function correctly and you need more ram
Look at what a 2 GB droplet did with 100-1000 concurrent visitors in 5 minutes.

Take Google analytics and showing you're getting right now times 5 then you have to plan an infrastructure that will deal with that type of traffic. I don't know if the band is high enough for that type of traffic. But look at my recommendations.

Obviously optimization Varnish Nginx Redis HHVM place a huge deal however I believe that five dollar a month get you 512 ram 10,000 non concurrent users no it is not able to do that day in day out securely and without issue absolutely way too small.

You need redundancy, security, the ability to take large amounts of concurrent visitors
Pagely, Pantheon for PressLabs will help you out

I understand the test can be run to simulate large amounts of users and if they run without error for five minutes people get excited you're talking about running without an error for good absolutely not.

Look at a company like Pagely, Pantheon, Presslabs, Kinsta or FireHost

And yes you can host more than one domain in a droplet. Obviously with enough ram Digital Ocean can do it.
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There are two things worth considering here for $5/month plan

The 1TB bandwidth or 1024gb bandwidth.

Your RAM and processor.

1. Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer between your host and your user's browser Suppose you get 10k visit per day and each visitor visits one page then you got 10k page views,

Suppose your average page size is let's say 1 MB, then the amount of data transferred is around 10,000 × 1 = 10,000 MB per day, for 30 days it'll be around 300k MB or 300GB. You still have around 700GB bandwidth left on your monthly bandwidth quota.

2. You have 1GB RAM and 1 core processor. These are good, for 10k traffic, also if you have too many websites running on a single droplet, then your site might be slow and it could be a bad user experience.

It's better to use a content delivery network(CDN) such as Cloudflare and for WordPress, the NGinX server is recommended.

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