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Pooja in Web Hosting
What is the maximum monthly traffic that Bluehost can handle? Can Bluehost handle high traffic? What is Bluehost's Traffic Limit for the Basic Plan?

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If your website is having more than 50,000 traffic per day, then you need a high-quality hosting plan. Generally, VPS or Dedicated hosting plans are best-suited plans for such a high traffic website.

If you want to go with Bluehost, then these Bluehost plans can help you out.

  1. Bluehost VPS Hosting (Starts $19.99/mo)
  2. Bluehost Dedicated Hosting (Starts $79.99/mo)
  3. Visit Bluehost website to explore more.

But if you want to explore something beyond then you have more options to explore. You can look for Semi-Dedicated Plans or Cloud Hosting Plans as well from the below mentioned hosting companies.

These are few of the popular and well-trusted hosting companies, out of which SiteGround is really a good option. Just check their cloud hosting plans that can easily handle your traffic with some awesome optimization.

Check out SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans.

Bluehost is built from ground up for handling a massive amount of traffic at any package.

However, VPS, Dedicated & Cloud hosting provided by Bluehost are the most reliable ones.

Bluehost can provide solutions that is very robust and resilient.

Sign up with Bluehost and take your business further.
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Tech Guru
Better opt a more powerful server, than end up having troubles with a weaker one. BlueHost offer some dedicated servers packages. The premium one may work well for your needs. It has more RAM and CPU with 15TB of bandwidth.

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