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Pooja in Web Hosting
What is the best hosting plan for 100K visitors per day? What hosting plan I need for at least 200k visitors per month or more than 500k page views and how many sites or domains can I have in this hosting? Is DigitalOcean $5/month enough for my approximately 10,000 visitors per day WordPress site? Which hosting plan is best for 5,000 visitors a day WordPress website?

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Tech Guru
If you're not on a shoestring budget and if you're looking at a reliable host to cater to the number of visitors you intend to cater to, consider investing in a managed Wordpress hosting with Flywheel or WPEngine.

They're highly reliable and very efficient in customer support. Also their platforms are completely built for Wordpress hosting unlike bluehost and the likes.

EDIT: Also they take care of your site backups, optimisation and other perks so you can purely focus on building a beautiful experience for your visitors without the hassle of maintaining your website.

If you'd like you can still install of the many supported and recommended performance optimisation plugins to enhance your sites performance.

Note that these managed hosts do not support w3tc as it interferes with their proprietary caching mechanism. From my experience, you need not worry about any of those if you host with these folks. You're sorted and they've got your back! :)
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For WordPress, you can go for bluhost, hostgator or dreamhost.

They provide you with free domain and adwords credits with the hosting package.

I think you should go for a dedicated server rather than shared hosting.

Dedicated server might meet your need.

Also, use gzip compression, cloudflare or maxcdn for CDN network to serve you data more securely and quickly.

And try to use cache plugins for WordPress. w3 total cache or WP super cache.

This will help you reduce load on your server and will make you audience access your pages quickly.

I hope the answer helps.

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