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I just want to understand in detail

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Cleanness and hygiene both relate to the maintenance of cleanliness and sanitary conditions in various contexts, such as personal hygiene, environmental cleanliness, or the cleanliness of objects and surfaces. Here's a breakdown of each term:


  • Personal Cleanness: Refers to the state of being physically clean, including bathing regularly, washing hands, maintaining clean clothing, and grooming habits.
  • Environmental Cleanness: Describes the cleanliness of surroundings, such as living spaces, public areas, workplaces, and recreational areas. It involves keeping these areas free from dirt, clutter, and contaminants to promote a healthy and comfortable environment.


  • Personal Hygiene: Encompasses practices that individuals perform to maintain cleanliness and promote overall health. This includes habits such as regular bathing, brushing teeth, washing hands, trimming nails, and other practices to prevent illness and maintain well-being.
  • Environmental Hygiene: Refers to practices aimed at ensuring clean and sanitary conditions in the environment to prevent the spread of disease and maintain public health. This includes measures such as proper waste disposal, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining safe food handling practices.

Overall, both cleanness and hygiene are crucial for promoting health, preventing the spread of disease, and creating safe and comfortable living environments. They involve habits, practices, and behaviors that contribute to physical well-being and the overall quality of life.