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Priti Agarwal in Abbreviation
ACTI full form and What is ACTI? Full form of ACTI and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ACTI. For what ACTI is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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The Full form of ACTI is Advanced Computational Technology Initiative, or ACTI stands for Advanced Computational Technology Initiative, or the full name of given abbreviation is Advanced Computational Technology Initiative.

ACTI (Advanced Computational Technology Initiative)

Advanced Computational Technology Initiative is known as ACTI, Sandia, Womble established the Computer Science Research Institute and led Sandia’s seismic imaging project in DOE’s Advanced Computational Technologies Initiative.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent the next generation in data analytics and have tremendous potential in science and engineering and commercial applications,” Womble said in the press release. “I am excited to be part of ORNL’s world-class research team and look forward to spearheading the development and application of the laboratory’s new AI capabilities.”

ORNL currently boasts two R&D 100 awards and 10 patents related to its AI research, and the addition of Womble is one of several moves by the laboratory to build on that foundation to help shape the AI state of the art and apply it to problems of national and international importance, the press release said.

The laboratory, which is currently home to Titan, the nation’s most powerful computer for science, will soon launch Summit, which thanks to its combination of IBM POWER9 central processing units (CPUs) and NVIDIA Volta graphics processing units (GPUs) is being billed as the world’s “smartest,” or AI-ready, high-performance computing system.

ACTI all full forms

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