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Mohit Yadav in Abbreviation
Tell me the full form of ATM and What is ATM? ATM full form and meaning. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ATM. ATM stands for, meaning, what is, description, example, explanation, acronym for, abbreviation, definitions, full name.

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Mohit Yadav
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The Full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine, or ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine, or the full name of given abbreviation is Automated Teller Machine.

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

ATM is known as Automated Teller Machine, An automated teller machine is an electronic telecommunications device that enables customers of financial institutions to perform financial transactions, such as cash withdrawals, deposits, funds transfers, or account information inquiries, at any time and without the need for direct interaction with bank staff.