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Upendra in Abbreviation
ATR full form and What is ATR? Full form of ATR and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ATR. For what ATR is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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The Full form of ATR is Automatic Terminal Recognition, or ATR stands for Automatic Terminal Recognition, or the full name of given abbreviation is Automatic Terminal Recognition.

ATR (Automatic Terminal Recognition)

Automatic Terminal Recognition is known as ATR, is the ability for an algorithm or device to recognize targets or other objects based on data obtained from sensors.

Target recognition was initially done by using an audible representation of the received signal, where a trained operator who would decipher that sound to classify the target illuminated by the radar.

While these trained operators had success, automated methods have been developed and continue to be developed that allow for more accuracy and speed in classification. ATR can be used to identify man made objects such as ground and air vehicles as well as for biological targets such as animals, humans, and vegetative clutter.

This can be useful for everything from recognizing an object on a battlefield to filtering out interference caused by large flocks of birds on Doppler weather radar.

ATR all full forms

  1. Advanced Telecommunications Research
  2. ATTAR
  3. Antenna Test Range
  4. Attenuated Total Reflectance
  5. Acid Test Ratio
  6. Above The Rest
  7. Avions De Transport R
  8. Art Therapist Registered
  9. Atar
  10. Answer To Reset
  11. Albemarles Technology Resource
  12. Advanced Technology and Research
  13. Arithmetical Transfinite Recursion
  14. Almost Totally Real
  15. Americans for Tax Reform
  16. Average Trading Range
  17. Australian Tournament Rankings
  18. Automatic Ticket Resolution
  19. Anti Tank Rifle
  20. Attack The Rim
  21. Automatic Target Recognition
  22. Advanced Tactical Radar
  23. Annual Training Requirement
  24. Attrition Reserve
  25. Auxiliary Tug and Rescue
  26. Attack The Radical
  27. Average True Range
  28. All Terrain Rifle
  29. Air Transport Rack
  30. Alaska Trauma Registry
  31. Army Training Regiment

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