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Upendra in Abbreviation
ARC full form and What is ARC? Full form of ARC and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ARC. For what ARC is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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The Full form of ARC is Adaptive Replacement Cache, or ARC stands for Adaptive Replacement Cache, or the full name of given abbreviation is Adaptive Replacement Cache.

ARC (Adaptive Replacement Cache)

Adaptive Replacement Cache is known as ARC, is a page replacement algorithm with better performance than LRU (least recently used). This is accomplished by keeping track of both frequently used and recently used pages plus a recent eviction history for both. The algorithm was developed at the IBM Almaden Research Center. In 2006, IBM was granted a patent for the adaptive replacement cache policy.

ARC all full forms

  1. Adaptive Replacement Cache
  2. Advanced RISC Computing
  3. Adaptive Reception Control
  4. Alarm Reporting Control
  5. American Red Cross
  6. Advanced Router Configuration
  7. Advanced Resource Connector
  8. Arc Or Pkarc Compressed File Archive
  9. Anti-reflective Coating
  10. Accounting Regulatory Committee
  11. Ames Research Center
  12. Acquire Retain and Cultivate
  13. Amateur Radio Club
  14. Advance Radio Car
  15. Arctic Village (ak)
  16. American River College
  17. Auction Rate Securities Certificate
  18. Association of Rover Clubs
  19. Arcane Roleplayers Consortium
  20. American Roundball Corporation
  21. Alloy Racing Composites
  22. Adventure Racing Canada
  23. Atlantic Rally for Cruisers
  24. Active Race Control
  25. Attack, Retrieve, and Capture
  26. Airborne Radio Communications
  27. Anti Reflective Coating
  28. Advanced Reconnaissance Commando
  29. Army Recruiting Command
  30. Almost Ready To Cover
  31. Advanced Research Center
  32. Advanced Rotor Concepts
  33. Accounting Requirements Code
  34. Arc Second Raster Chart
  35. Air Reserve Component
  36. Attitude, Respect, Cooperation
  37. Architecture Review Committee

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