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Vikash Sharma in Abbreviation
ACT full form and What is ACT? Full form of ACT and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ACT. For what ACT is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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Vikash Sharma

The Full form of ACT is American College Test, or ACT stands for American College Test, or the full name of given abbreviation is American College Test.

ACT (American College Test)

American College Test is known as ACT, The ACT exam, or American College Test, is a national standardized test that serves as a measurement of aptitude and critical thinking. Colleges and universities in the United States carefully review exam results when admitting students to schools.

Other full forms of ACT

  1. Activation
  2. Accountability Communication and Tracking
  3. Advanced Client Technologies
  4. Animation Works Actor Source Code File (graphics Cell)
  5. Microsoft Office Assistant Actor File
  6. Adobe Photoshop Color Table
  7. Foxpro Foxdoc Action Diagram
  8. Action! Presentation File
  9. Application Control Table
  10. Artemis Comparison Tool
  12. Alternative Control Technique
  13. Actual Cycle Time
  14. Akebono Ceramic Technology
  15. Air Cooled Triode
  16. Australian Central Time
  17. Anxiety Chat Topics
  18. Accurate, Complete, and Timely
  19. Accountability and Credibility Together
  20. Association of Corporate Treasurers
  21. Association for Computers and Taxation (us)
  22. Automated Credit Transfer
  23. Acquired Clear Thinking
  24. Waco (tx)
  25. Advanced Computer Technologies
  26. Advanced Clutch Technology
  27. Advanced Cell Technology
  28. American College Test
  29. Advanced Concepts and Technology
  30. Active Control Technology
  31. Air Control Team
  32. Analysis Control Team
  33. Automatic Continuous Tuning
  34. Australian Capital Territory
  35. Advanced Cell Training
  36. Activity
  37. Advance Civilian Team
  38. Allied Command Transformation
  39. Information manager program by Symantec 

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