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Vikash Sharma in Abbreviation
ABM full form and What is ABM? Full form of ABM and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ABM. For what ABM is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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Vikash Sharma

The Full form of ABM is Anti Ballistic Missile, or ABM stands for Anti Ballistic Missile, or the full name of given abbreviation is Anti Ballistic Missile.

ABM (Anti Ballistic Missile)

Anti Ballistic Missile is known as ABM, An anti-ballistic missile is a surface-to-air missile designed to counter ballistic missiles. Ballistic missiles are used to deliver nuclear, chemical, biological, or conventional warheads in a ballistic flight trajectory. The term "anti-ballistic missile" is a generic term conveying a system designed to intercept and destroy any type of ballistic threat.

Other full forms of ABM

  1. Asynchronous Balanced Mode
  2. Aggregate Bearer Measurement
  3. Answer Back Message
  4. Photoplus Album File
  6. Activity Based Management
  7. Assistant Branch Manager
  8. Automated Banking Machine
  9. A Big Mistake
  10. Accountancy Board of Malta
  11. Bamaga
  12. Advertising Brand Management
  13. Auto Banishment Match
  14. Acquisition and Business Management
  15. Anti-ballistic Missile
  16. Advanced Bomb Machine
  17. Air Burst Munition
  18. Air Battle Manager
  19. Anti ballistic Missile

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