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Priti in Abbreviation
AV full form and What is AV? Full form of AV and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation AV. For what AV is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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The Full form of AV is Audio Visual, or AV stands for Audio Visual, or the full name of given abbreviation is Audio Visual.

AV (Audio Visual)

Audio Visual is known as AV, Audiovisual is electronic media possessing both a sound and a visual component, such as slide-tape presentations, films, television programs, corporate conferencing, church services and live theater productions.

Other full forms of AV

  1. AudioVisual
  2. Address Verification
  3. Aspect View
  4. Acrobat Viewer
  5. Authorized Version
  6. Anti Virus
  8. Adjustable Volume
  9. Anonymous Visitor
  10. Accepted Value
  11. Actual Value
  12. Annual Vacation
  13. Adjusted Volume
  14. Abstract Variable
  15. Asymptotic Variance
  16. Argument Vector
  17. Absolute Value
  18. Average
  19. Assessed Value
  20. Anti Vehicle
  21. Available Vehicles
  22. Avionics
  23. Aviation
  24. Autovon
  25. Asset Visibility
  26. Air Vehicle
  27. Audio-visual
  28. Avatar - Graphical representation (a picture) often used in chat rooms to depict a person that is in the room and chatting.

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