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Priyanka Singh in Abbreviation
ALU full form and What is ALU? Full form of ALU and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ALU. For what ALU is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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Priyanka Singh

The Full form of ALU is Arithmetic Logic Unit, or ALU stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit, or the full name of given abbreviation is Arithmetic Logic Unit.

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

Arithmetic Logic Unit is known as ALU, An arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a combinational digital electronic circuit that performs arithmetic and bitwise operations on integer binary numbers. This is in contrast to a floating-point unit (FPU),

which operates on floating point numbers. An ALU is a fundamental building block of many types of computing circuits, including the central processing unit (CPU) of computers, FPUs, and graphics processing units (GPUs). A single CPU, FPU or GPU may contain multiple ALUs.

Other full forms of ALU

  1. Arithmetic and Logical Unit
  2. Arithmetic Logic Unit
  3. Analog Looping Utility
  4. Audio, Lan, and Usb
  6. A Linked Unit
  7. Arithmetic Unit
  8. Average Labor Unit
  9. Alula
  10. Arithmetic/logic Unit
  11. Applied Laser Unit
  12. Assisted Living Unit

All the above full forms are related to ALU. A little information is given about one of these full forms. If you are not satisfied with the information given about 'Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)', then comment. Or if you know more about 'Arithmetic