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Mohit Yadav in Abbreviation
ASP full form and What is ASP? Full form of ASP and its meaning in text. Tell me the information on the abbreviation ASP. For what ASP is stands for, abbreviation or definitions and full name.

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Mohit Yadav

The Full form of ASP is Additional Superintendent of Police, or ASP stands for Additional Superintendent of Police, or the full name of given abbreviation is Additional Superintendent of Police.

ASP (More full forms of ASP)

  1. Additional Superintendent of Police
  2. Assistant Superintendent of Police
  3. Active Server Pages
  4. Application Service Provider
  5. Active Signaling Protocol
  6. Advanced Systems Protocol
  7. Active Server Page
  8. Advanced Simple Profile
  9. Aspect Language Script File (procomm Plus)
  10. Association of Shareware Professionals Note
  11. Another Script Program
  12. Atari Software Pirates
  13. Association of Software Professionals
  14. Association of Software
  15. ASPARI
  16. Aspartate
  17. Analog Signal Processing
  18. Age Sex Photo
  19. Attitude Sensor Package
  20. Accredited Staging Professional
  21. Alice Springs
  22. Auxiliary Storage Pool
  23. Atm Switch Processor
  24. Advanced Spectroscopic Portal
  25. Average Sales Price
  26. Ammunition Supply Point
  27. Annual Service Practice
  28. All Source Production

ASP (Additional Superintendent of Police)

Additional Superintendent of Police is known as ASP, In India, a senior superintendent of police in metropolitan, highly populated or naxal-affected districts or superintendent of police in smaller districts heads the police force of a district. In districts where a senior superintendent is the head, the superintendent is the head of a large urban or rural area within a district. The superintendent is also the head of a large urban or rural area in a smaller district as well. In metropolitan areas having police commissionerate system (like in Delhi Police, Mumbai Police or Hyderabad Police) the head of district police is called deputy commissioner of police, and he or she holds the rank of a superintendent.

Senior superintendents of police are officers of the Indian Police Service. They are entrusted with the powers and responsibility of maintaining law and order and related issues of a metropolitan district of a state or a union territory of India. They are assisted by their junior officers. The senior superintendent rank insignia is the state emblem above two stars and is worn with Gorget patches which have a dark blue background and a white line stitched on it. They wear it on their collar. The rank below is superintendent, while the rank above is deputy inspector general of police who wear Ashoka emblem above three stars. Senior superintendents of police are also the secondary head in various headquarters. The rank is equivalent to commandant in the Central Armed Police Forces and Uttar Pradesh Police Armed Constabulary (UP-PAC)

Superintendents of police are the officers of either State Police Service or Indian Police Service. They are the district head of non-metropolitan districts in India. They are also the incharge of a large urban or rural area in a district where a senior superintendent is the district head. They also serve as assisting officers to the additional/special director general of police in various bureaus. They also serve as the staff officers (Staff Officer is the Deputy Assistant of the Director General of Police who is the police chief of the state). The rank of superintendent is equivalent to the rank of second in command (2IC) and deputy commandant in the Central Armed Police Forces and Uttar Pradesh Police Armed Constabulary (UP-PAC). The superintendent's rank badge is the Ashoka emblem above no star or one star (according to grade pay level). The rank below is deputy superintendent in the State Police Service or assistant superintendent of police in the Indian Police Service and the rank above it is senior superintendent. Superintendents are also the third head of various headquarters. The rank of superintendent is equivalent to the rank of senior Captain/major/lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army.

SSP-ranked officers wear the IPS logo below the star with Gorget patches on their collar. The background of the Gorget patch is dark blue. A white strip is stitched on the Gorget patch.

SP-ranked IPS officers wear the IPS logo below the star/Ashoka emblem and SP-ranked state police service officers wear the state police logo below the star/Ashoka emblem.


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